532nm SD LED Scriber

“SS-200 is an GRN laser SD LED scriber tool designed for scribing of high-brightness transparent LED
Product Details


SS-200 is a production 532nm GRN wavelength SD laser scribing tool designed for manufacturing of high-brightness transparent LED wafers. The beam delivery path is flexible, where beam diameter adjustments, laser power adjustment, and shutter control can be individually controlled. The granite optics plate is essential for stable optical and mechanical performance. SS-200 is a Class-I laser safe system; and it is also equipped with debris removal system to keep the work piece clean.

SS-200 offers excellent wafer alignment capabilities as next generation LED wafers require ever more precise alignment than before. The high-accuracy Rotary tuntable can position the wafer precisely under laser beam for processing. A high-magnification camera can detect wafer edges or dies on the wafer precisely, enabling previse overlay of laser-scribing patterns.

The application software of SS-200 offers easy-to-use friendly user interface, allowing recipe creation, editing, saving and loading, making wafer processing highly efficient. For each SS-200 system, we evaluate customer-specific requirements and plans so we can customize the tool to better suit individual customer needs.