PERC Laser Tool

Product Details

SolarLase-G3PERC is a fully automated production tool for c-Si PERC and bi-facial PERC high-efficiency solar cell production tool with high-throughput of up to 7500WPH.

We offer both nanosecond and picosecond laser types for PERC process. Picosecond laser process can be applied to IBC and HBC solar cell process due to its “cold process” capabilities.


SolarLase-G3PERC is a fully automated high-throughput production tool for volume manufacturing of high-efficiency c-Si PERC cells.

SolarLase-G3PERC is a high-throughput tool based on a highly efficient architecture that moves wafers from loading station to unloading station on a turntable. Except for rotational time of the turntable, the laser is always busy processing the wafers, such high utilization of laser energy maximizes the value of the equipment.

SolarLase-G3PERC uses high-resolution cameras and fast image processing algorithms to locate wafer edges precisely, and the scanning pattern is adjusted electronically via galvo scanner to “print” laser patterns precisely at the desired location using focused laser beam.

Granite table facilitates thermally stable optical and mechanical performance to meet challenging 24×7 production environment. SolarLase-G3PERC tool is Class I laser safe for users. Its application software is recipe-based and easy-to-use for both Engineers to setup and operators to run the recipes. The tool also has an efficient debris removal system that keeps the wafers clean throughout the process. SolarLase-G3PERC tool may be customized to provide even higher throughput if required. Please contact us for details.