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Address: Building 15, No. 18 HuaShan Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu, PR China
Mobile: +86-13921073061
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Address: 2931 Marietta Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95051
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India Sales

Trokut Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Address: F 9-A , Pinnacle Business Park, Shanti Nagar, Mahakali caves Road, Andheri , Mumbai 400093

Phone : +91-9324299248/47

Contact person : Lavanya/Arunkumar Singh

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China Service Support

For any service requests, please call our Service Department directly.
TEL: +86 519-85609780

US Service Support

Mobile: +1-408-805-9512

Travel Directions to Our Facility in Changzhou, China

From Shanghai PuDong International Airport
  1. Take No. 5 Line Bus directly to Shanghai Railway Station, the travel time is about 90min, the fare is 22 Yuan;

  2. Purchase High Speed Rail Train Ticket to Changzhou, the fare is 75 Yuan; the ride is about 60min

  3. Upon arriving at Changzhou Railway Train Station, take a taxi ride to No. 18 HuaShan Road; the ride is about 20min

From our facility to PuDong International Airport
  1. You should start five hours ahead of your flight departure time

  2. Purchase the High Speed Railway Train ticket from Changzhou Railway Train Station to Shanghai Railway Station (Not Hong Qiao Station) at least one day in advance

  3. Follow the directions above in reverse order for your travel